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Here you can find shared rooms to come with friends or meet new people.

Our shared rooms are almost all illustrated by artist friends, born or adopted from Lisbon. They designed the project especially for our space and gave it the name.

* Of the 8 mixed rooms , Cats Cradle was illustrated by the very expensive Daniel Vasconcelos Melim ( and Only You by Jaime Lebre;

* The 6-person dorm , Lost in Lisbon, illustrated by the duo Alejandro Levacov ( ) and Julia Barata   (http://julia-barata.;

* In the female rooms we have one with 8 people : the Blank Paper (the only one in white. Who has never…) and *The Femina, exclusively female, for 4 people, graffitied by design pirate;

And the doubles for more privacy.

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